Classes for Children in Grades 3 & 4

Register now for fall 2019. Fridays at 6:00 – 6:45pm @ Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St., #103. September 20 – December 6 (October 10, November 8 excluded). $140 for 10 classes. 

In a fun, inclusive class led by award-winning professional Canadian dance-artist Jessica Runge, students learn age-appropriate dance and choreography skills that nurture the artistic voice of each child.

A variety of styles, such as ballet, modern, and more contemporary dance genres, inform the class’ approach to movement training. Opportunities to invent movement round-out the program. Each session finishes with an original performance created by the children.

Runge has over twenty years of experience teaching creative movement to children in diverse settings. Since 2013, Runge has been offering her one-of-a-kind creative movement classes at the beautiful studio she shares at Artscape Youngplace.

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Photo credit: Jessica Runge