Author: Jessica Runge


Welcome! New classes and performance projects are underway and positively inspiring, and I’m happy to be able to launch this new website where I can share news as it unfolds!  

“Collide-O-Scope” at Nuit Blanche 2017

The joint was jumping…from the moment the first guests arrived at 7:00pm ’till I couldn’t keep my eyes open and had to close up at 3:00am, guests were delighted to play with the Collide-O-Scope installation created by Arthur Cormack and myself, and featuring choreography by…

Possible Dances

Possible Dances began in 2010, when I created the The Possibility Dance. In this original solo, the physical metaphors of presence and absence were used to explore the experiences of loss and hope. Both initial and subsequent stagings of this dance used different costumes, settings,…

To Live is to Fly

Choreography and Video: Susie Burpee with Jessica Runge …a nod to the things we carry with us and the things that don’tmake the journey ~ Susie Burpee photo: Dallard Runge

at once (im)possible

Choreography: Heidi Strauss, in collaboration with Jessica Runge and Brendan Wyatt …exploring a relationship faced with something that changes its reality, how it survives a sea of unknowns—and how each person’s perception of an exact moment they experience together is often (and of necessity) quite…

Ruff Room

Choreography and Text: Susanna Hood with Jessica Runge Paying tribute to Runge’s life as a mother and daughter, Ruff Room embodies the disorienting experience of loss in the context of joyful renewal. ~ Susanna Hood